OctavianLab offers a gaming Accouting platform fully developed in-house since 2006, customizable and technologically advanced for the management of online games, both physical (points of sale) and telematic (internet), approved by QUINEL, for the strict Italian market.

This platform allows to manage the game accounts of a dealer for the telmatic game, through a web portal customized according to the needs of the customer by the internal team of Octavian or by the customer with its own work team. The flexibility of the platform also allows the agile management of whitelabels (skins).



Our strenghts

  • Fully flexible and customizable, both by Octavian team and by the customer team
  • High performance
  • Scalability of infrastructures
  • Support of different types of devices (self-service, web, mobile)


The platform is certified by QUINEL; below are all the protocols owned and approved by ADM:

  • PGAD (game accounts protocol)
  • PGDA (poker,casino,skill protocol)
  • PSQF   (sports betting at fixed rate)
  • PSIP    (horse race betting)
  • PCP     (sports contest to prediction)
  • PSR     (sports and horse racing betting)
  • PSV     (virtual betting)

Content provider supported

Gateway of payment supported:

For further information about  OctavianLab visit the official web site.