This are the companies of Octavian Gaming group.

Maxima, with headquarter in Bussolengo (VR),  is a leading company in the rental and manufacture of machines and software for slot machines of type New SlotParagraph 6A. Founded in 2011, Maxima is a unique reference in the field of Gaming. The needs of the market have led Maxima to structure its business in Divisions: these last are singularly focused on the design and production of software and cabinet and on the distribution in the market of the final product.

Win-Tek, a company founded in 2003 in Moncalieri (TO) , is a leader in the manufacture of slot machines and in the distribution of gaming software. Win-Tek offers to the Italian market only the best automatic entertainment machines. In the state-of-the-art Win-Tek factory, qualified technicians, high-level experts and skilled workers work every day to design, produce, assemble and test the “AMUSEMENT MACHINE” most requested by customers and players.

Octavian Lab srl is a software house and service provider for the online betting and gaming sector. Octavian Lab has a team of highly specialized technical engineers with years’ experience in the sector, focused on the development of products, protocols and integrated solutions for the Italian and regulated markets. Adaptability, responsiveness and innovation are the core values of the company, as well as the guidelines behind the everyday work of Octavian Lab team. Because of this, every day more and more Companies and Businesses pick out Consulting and Technical Services of Octavian Lab.

WorldMatch, provider of games and online platforms, is a company founded in Padua in 2000. The WorldMatch brand is internationally recognized and associated with concepts such as innovation, cutting-edge technologies and high quality products. World Match offers more than 200 games: 160 slot machines, 30 table games and all variants of Video Poker.