As a leading provider in the gaming industry, we offer the best to our partners. This means a continuous creation of content, a careful analysis of market performance and trends, and an obsessive attention to product quality, are all in DNA of the products that bear the name of Octavian gaming.

Octavian Gaming’s game software are designed and developed for players and customers, based on their needs.The cutting-edge technologies allow us to create additional value for both players and operators.These "pluses" include superior quality, rich content, high levels of interactivity and personalisation.


In Octavian Gaming the creation of a successful game always starts from a good game concept. Our game designers produce hundreds of game ideas every year but only a few of them have transformed into real projects. Our experience tells us that the best title is achieved only through a combination of the game rules and a stimulating theme chosen for it, in line with market trends.


We love design and visual art, and therefore when it comes to creating the graphics of our games both online and land-based we are very demanding and ambitious. Maintaining our standards requires close and constant communication between our graphic designers and developers


The mathematical model is the heart of all our games and the aspect that most requires highly specialized professional figures. We work with statistical models and large databases for development, constantly checking and perfecting our mathematical models in order to respond to the needs and requirements of players and operators. The quality of the products produced is scrupulously verified by a team dedicated to the SQA.

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