Thanks to twenty years of experience in Land-based gaming, Octavian Gaming is able to adapt its gaming offer on any x86or ARM-based Hardware platform. Without forgetting that the systems developed by our engineers already support a wide range of I/O peripherals and all the most important standard protocols in the gaming sector.

Supported platforms

Technical specifications

CPU: ARM Based IMX6 – Quad Core Processor;
MEMORY: On board soldered 1/2/4GB DDR3;
VIDEO: 1 x VGA in total; DB-15 connector for VGA output;
I/O CONNECTION: 16 bits digital input on JAMMA;
DIGITAL I/O: 2x onboard switches for board chassis intrusion detection and external cover remove.
STORAGE: On board 8GB NAND Flash via emmc interface, One SD card slot, Push Pull type; One MicroSD connector;
STATIC RAM: Whole 1MB SRAM in Bank;
SMART-CARD READER: Connects to serial port COM4;ISO 7816 t=0 compliant;
Intrusion Logger: Intrusion logger interface to I2C to monitor 2 on board switch;
SERIAL PORTS: 1 x ccTalk, 2 x RS232;
USB PORTS: 1 x external, 1 x internal Audio: Stereo audio output on JAMMA golden fingers; Class A-B type amplifier;
DIMENSIONS: 255 x 160 x 43 mm

Technical specifications

CPU: Intel® Atom N270 1.6GHz single core
MEMORY: DDR3, 1 x SO-DIMM Socket
GRAPHICS: Integrated graphic controller Nvidia® GeForce 9400M
DIGITAL I/O: 32 outputs / 32 inputs
STORAGE: Integrated Flash Module 512MB, 1 x SD/MMC card slot
SMART-CARD READER: Integrated ISO-7816 compliant
INTRUSION LOGGER: 6 battery-backed inputs
SERIAL PORTS: 2 x RS232, 2 x ccTalk
USB PORTS: 2 x internal, 1 x external
AUDIO: On-board amplifier, 2 Channel with 2 x 20 Watts
DIMENSIONS: 265 x 242 x 45 mm

Technical specifications

DISTRIBUTED BY: Technology S.r.l.
JAMMA connection to the cabinet;
SERIAL PORTS: ccTtalk protocol; aams network protocol;
VIDEO: Dual independent VGA display hardware up to 2x1366x768;
USB PORTS: usb touch screen interface;
SMART-CARD READER: Smartcard reader on-board;
INTRUSION LOGGER: three anti-tamper switches management;
POWER-DOWN MANAGEMENT: Integrity board monitoring during power off;
SECURITY: software protection.

Technical specifications

CPU: On-board ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz
MEMORY: On board 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM
GRAPHICS: Integrated graphic controller PowerVR SGX 530
DIGITAL I/O: 30 outputs / 14 inputs
STORAGE: Integrated Flash Module 512MB, 1 x SD/MMC card slot
SMARTCARD READER: Integrated AU9540, CCID compliant
INTRUSION LOGGER: 4 battery-backed inputs
SERIAL PORTS: 1 x ccTalk, 2 x RS232
USB PORTS: 1 x external, 1 x internal
AUDIO: On-board amplifier, 2 Channel with 2 x 6 Watts
DIMENSIONS: 255 x 160 x 43 mm

Supported peripherals

Coin acceptors Coin acceptors

  • Alberici AL66V FG (CCTalk)
  • Alberici AL55V (CCTalk)
  • Alberici AL66V (CCTalk)
  • Alberici AL06V (CCTalk)
  • Azkoyen L66S - I (CCTalk)
  • Azkoyen X66S - I (CCTalk)
  • Azkoyen X6D2S (CCTalk)
  • Comestero RM5-HD (CCTalk)
  • Comestero RM5 (CCTalk)
  • Crane V2 Colibrì (CCtalk)
  • Microhard H10 (CCtalk)
  • Money Controls SR3 (CCtalk)
  • NRI V2 Eagle (CCTalk)
  • NRI g-13 MFT ACMI 12V (CCTalk)

Hoppers Hoppers

  • Alberici HopperOne (CCTalk)
  • Alberici Hopper CD F7 / Triple Black (CCTalk)
  • Alberici Hopper CD (CCTalk)
  • Alberici Hopper Kid (CCTalk)
  • Alberici HopperOne S11 (CCTalk)
  • Asahi Seico SA-595 (CCtalk)
  • Asahi Seico SCH-700/U1S (CCTalk)
  • Azkoyen Rode-U (CCTalk)
  • Azkoyen T3 (CCtalk)
  • Azkoyen Rode U-II (CCTalk)
  • Microhard Microhard X3 (cctalk)
  • Microhard HO - Microhard X5 (cctalk)
  • Money Controls MK4 (CCTalk)
  • Money Controls SBB (CCTalk)
  • Money Controls Serial Compact Hopper MKII (CCtalk)
  • NRI Currenza H2 Nano (CCtalk)
  • Paytech HPRO 2024 (CCtalk)
  • Paytech F1 PRO 1024 (CCtalk)
  • SUZO flow Hopper (CCTalk)
  • SUZO cube Hopper MKII (CCTalk)
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