Accounting Platform by Octavian Lab


Octavian Gaming makes use of its Rome-based company Octavian Lab to offer services for the betting and online gaming sector. Octavian Lab offers a gaming accounting platform fully developed in-house since 2006, customizable and technologically advanced for the management of online games, both physical (points of sale) and telematic (internet). Highly customizable and technologically advanced, the platform is approved by QUINEL, for the strict Italian market. This platform allows to manage the game accounts of a dealer for the telmatic game, through a web portal customized according to the needs of the customer by the internal team of Octavian or by the customer with its own work team.


Casino Platform by Worldmatch

Octavian Gaming Solutions distributes its online games provides Casino Platform services thanks to WorldMatch. WorldMatch is a leading I-Gaming company, which has been providing online gaming solutions and platforms to the most successful online casino operators since 2000. The overall offering includes over 300 casino games for desktop and mobile devices in modern HTML5 technologies. , native iOS and Android technologies, with a large choice of configurations in terms of volatility, functionality, winning frequency, and cross-platform jackpot.
13 foreign languages ​​and more than 90 foreign currencies are supported.

Octavian SDK

Octavian Gaming also offers solutions for the land-based market, in particular for the Italian AWP market where our company has boasted, for almost 20 years, a role of technological leadership recognized also by our competitors. Octavian is proud to offer an SDK (Software Development Kit), the framework for developing AWP games comma 6a, to anyone who’s interested in the creation or porting of game software on MAX-2 hardware (reliability standard), guaranteeing all the necessary development support. Become our partner and contact us for any need, we will provide all the tools you need.

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