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The 10-game multigame line expands with "Gigamix Fusion"

  • 2 November 2023

Innovation doesn't stop at Octavian Gaming. After having already surprised withGigaset Vertigo and Gigaset Armageddon, , we present Gigamix Fusion, the third title in the 10-game multigame line.

Intense entertainment opportunities for this intriguing selection which also includes two Fusion exclusives: “Mr. Vampire” and “Ancient Empire”.

Mr. Vampire immerses players in a nightly race against time, with the mission to save the vampires from the rising of the sun. The gaming experience is enriched by the choice between different bonus options in Mr. Vampire's castle, thus increasing interactivity and the chances of winning.

Ancient Empire, instead transports you to the Roman Praetorian era, during the reign of Julius Caesar. The compelling and realistic setting culminates in an engaging bonus linked to the chariot race where the player takes on the role of a charioteer, a historical icon of the most celebrated shows of ancient Rome.

To complete the collection Fortune God, Night Life, Secret of Scarab X, The Gangster, Thunder Gems, Wily Fox and two more new feature games due novità, Banditos and Polar Lights, the latter of which is also about to have an online version.

With the Gigamix and Gigaset multigame lines series, we introduced the 10-game multigame concept to the AWP market for the first time in Italy, representing a turning point and unprecedented innovation in the sector.


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