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Choose the RENT for your Business.

  • 15 June 2020

Do abrupt changes in legal acts force you to invest a lot?

Pass to Octavian’s Renting formula using a galaxy of services dedicated to your business with certain costs and immediate advantages, which will allow you to devote yourself more to your company’s core business.

Why to follow? lower management costs, minimum financial commitment, permanent and free update of games, web monitoring of your park, free repairs and reactivations, full management flexibility.

How it works? For a fixed daily fee, you will be able to choose games from the wide Octavian catalogue, installed on the indestructible and ultra reliable Max-2 hardware, and keep the games up to date without any additional expense, thus guaranteeing you an updated and always performing park.

Continuous software changes, regeneration and repair without any cost allow you have certain costs and increase the profitability of your park.

Moreover, through registration in the private zone OCTAVIAN GLS REMOTE, you will be able to check the content of your park Rent in addition to monitoring repair receipts, you can analyze the list of repair works and rentals.

Here are the 10 advantages of the Rent formula:

  1. A wide variety of games being constantly updated, among which you can choose.
  2. Free software updates permit you to keep the coin …. and also take an advantage of the effect novelty of the product.
  3. A fixed daily fee, equal to a cup of coffee, which decreases with increasing duration of the rental.
  4. Tax deduction for the year.
  5. Web portal where you can monitor and manage your park.
  6. Malfunction repairs are included in the fee.
  7. Reactivation in case of decay of the node is free of charge.
  8. Easy management of monthly fee payment though RID banking.
  9. There is no entry fee, no advance payment, no penalty for returning the products (after the minimum duration period).
  10. Instructions and manuals are included in the delivery.

Do you need to have additional information?

Call 045 671 7675 one of our sales representative will advise you the most suitable choice for you!


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