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Care and maintenance of game boards

  • 27 March 2020
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Dear Customer,

The period of the government provisions relating to the closure of the businesses and activities of the sector operators is from 8 March to 3 April for now, which could be extended, exposes the game cards to the potential risk of a technical failure.

The game cards, as defined by the technical construction specifications of the equipment, paragraph 6 lett. A of the TULPS, must be equipped with anti-intrusion, anti-tampering and data storage devices, both on and off; for this purpose they are equipped with rechargeable buffer batteries, which guarantee real-time monitoring of these events.

Octavian game cards are equipped with batteries whose duration goes well beyond the technical specifications of the law, which can be estimated in 30-40 days. However, it should be considered that hardware obsolescence, limited to the cards being reprogrammed, as well as the environmental conditions of storage / operation can reduce this duration.

A prolonged shutdown of the device prevents the batteries from recharging with possible failure to restart the board; if this occurs, it should be sent for repair for maintenance, involving the replacement of the ADM smartcard.

However, it should be noted that the accounting data will not be lost, since the cards are equipped with specific backups on specific safety memories, unless the card suffers damage to the electronic circuits resulting from the leakage of the acid from the battery; in the latter case, the card could be irreparably damaged.

To avoid the onerous inconveniences described above, within the limits of the regulatory provisions, we RECOMMEND that you take care of the game cards by switching them on at least every 10 days, for at least 10 hours, in order to recharge their batteries and avoid damage. If you notice acid near the battery, visually inspecting the card thanks to the transparency of the containers, we invite you to send it promptly for repair, even if it is properly functioning.

We remind you that our company will remain closed until April 3, in compliance with the regulatory provisions, while the offices remain at your disposal, by phone / email in smartworking mode.

Best regards,

Simone Pachera
Octavian Srl


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